Edit Recordings to Pro Videos

Our video editor is perfect for professionals and enthusiasts alike. It's simple and intuitive to use, so you can trim, crop, and add effects to your videos without any hassle. Plus, our editor is packed with features that will help you create stunning videos that you can share with the world.

Video Editing Essentials
Transform your video footage into professional-grade videos

 Trim or Cut Video
Keep only the best parts of your video, to shorten and improve it
 Crop Video
Crop your videos to the exact dimensions you need
 Make GIF
Turn your favorite videos into creative GIFs
 MP3 Soundtrack
Add an mp3 soundtrack to your video
 Caption & Image
Drag and drop captions and images onto any video
 Video Speed
Make your videos faster or slower
Use branding to protect your videos from unauthorized use
 Zoom Effect
Zoom in and out of your videos with ease
 Capture Still
Create stunning still images from any video
 Video to MP3
Turn your favorite videos into mp3s