All-in-one screen recorder.

Record, edit and share a screen recording in one sitting. OutKlip is fast, fun and easy!
screenshot of computer desktop

Make engaging instructional videos

Record screencast of Google Slides or camera only video to help viewers learn faster.

Share easily

Send video link to others for viewing. Communicate faster and better than with text and screenshots.
screenshot of computer desktop
screenshot of computer desktop

Create YouTube™ content

Record your screen or yourself on camera. Trim video, add text and music, and upload to YouTube.

See How It Works

Three steps to create videos.

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Install the browser extension. Record screen, camera and voice.
illustration of screen recording in progress


Preview the video. Add a title and description, and edit the video to give it a unique touch.
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Share the link, download the video or upload to YouTube™.

What Users are Saying

"This extension is literally exactly what I needed. I have the option to have my camera on as well. The customer service is amazing - had an issue using a mac and I had an actual person help me out immediately! I miss that so much these days! I have been using this to help students turn in work and I can't believe what you get for free! I may switch to the paid version to be able to have more videos - it is definitely worth it! Great product!" - Courtney Petersen
"The customer service is outstanding! Not only will they help with the current system, they really care about creating a product that suite the user! Its in a league of its own with the usefulness it brings to my business. 100% download this extension." - Adam Griener
"This app works perfect every time and saves our entire team a TON of explaining and writing scope" - Dru Pio
"OutKlip is an amazing product superseded only by their amazing service. I have tried multiple other screen recording softwares, but none of them have the extent of features and ease of use like OutKlip. It has webcam, screen, and audio recording (and do them all at the same time!) all while being able to easily share or post to YouTube™. This has made recording videos so easy! Additionally, when I had a problem with OutKlip not recording on Chrome when going to presentation mode in Slides, I sent a message for help and Sunil himself answered and fixed the problem within 48 hours! One of the Slide updates caused a recurrence, I reached out to Sunil, and again he came through and had the problem fixed in just a day! You can't beat that service and you can't beat this product!" - Matt Dinsmore
"Brilliant and easy to use app. It records your screen along with your voice and video. There are absolutely no sync problems, and the easy integration with Youtube is a great feature to share your videos." - Karthik Shashidhar
"OutKlip allowed me to do something that didn't work properly with other software and on other platforms: select which of my multiple video cameras and microphones to use for recording. While my laptop comes with an okay camera and microphone, for professional recordings we have a better quality camera and a high quality mic, and even the YouTube app wouldn't select a secondary camera correctly. All of this was managed as seamlessly in ChromeOS as anywhere else. OutKlip is also dead simple to use; well worth a small investment in in order to get the recordings you want..." - Gregg Bloom

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