Improve software quality with better bug reports

Save time and create better bug reports with quick screen recording.
Speed up troubleshooting to improve software quality.
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Create On-demand Video Bug Reports in 3 Quick Steps

Show subtle interactions and defects without a wall of text


Easy and intuitive setup to record right in your browser


Add a title and a short description to help prioritize the issue


Copy and paste the unique video link to Slack, Jira, Trello, or anywhere

What You're Getting

Simple and Intuitive UI

Outclip is easy to set up and use; feeling camera shy? Toggle off the webcam. Don't feel like talking? Toggle off the microphone. Forgot what you were trying to say or need a break? Click the pause button.

Built-in Collaboration

Invite your team to your Outclip workspace and start collaborating on issues and bugs right away! Team members on the same workspace can comment and reply to each other's recordings with questions and updates.

Built for Remote Teams

Simpler bug reporting, clearer communication, faster shipping

For QAs/Engineers

Still pasting screenshots and writing prose for that issue? Trying to make sense out of what was written on that ticket? Record a quick video and talk directly about that problem.

For Product Teams

Up late for conference calls with engineers? Spending lots of time going back and forth? Share a quick video during the day to show exactly what needs to be fixed.

What Our Users Are Saying

“In working with remote teams, crystal clear requirements are a must… Especially when it comes to subtle behavior or defects. Using Outclip to share screen recordings has saved me time and provided the team with exactly what they need to see. Outclip has facilitated better communication over email, Slack and Jira.”
- Buddhima K., Sysco LABS

Try Basic for Free. Go Pro to Maximize Productivity!

Basic Plan

Outclip watermark
10 video limit
10 minutes per video
720p HD video quality
Videos stored for one month
Up to 3 playlists

Pro Plan

No Outclip watermark
10GB storage per user
Unlimited video length
1080p HD video quality
Videos stored indefinitely
Unlimited playlists

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