Record Without Limits

Enjoy maximized video length, resolution and features, sans the watermark.

Domain-wide License

Klip away with a domain-wide license perfect for schools, districts and organizations.

3, 6, 9 month or 1-year contract

All Subscription Features, PLUS:

  • Bulk Purchase Discount
  • Purchase Order Payment
  • Personalized Training and User Demo
  • Phone and Email Support Standing By


Exclusive screen recording freedom, customization & features

USD per month for annual billing

All Basic Features, PLUS:

  • Unlimited 10-Minute Videos
  • Up to 20 Videos Over 10 Minutes, Per Month
  • Up to 4K Video Quality
  • Up to 1GB Video Import
  • No Video Expiration
  • Full Video Editing Features
  • Video Webpage Customization
  • No Watermark


Free & unlimited trial of basic Klip features

Free videos with 5-minute limit

Your Plan


  • Unlimited 5-Minute Videos
  • 720p Video Quality
  • Up to 100MB Video Import
  • 720p video quality
  • Basic Video Editing Features
  • 1-Year Video and Audio Expiration
  • Video Watermark


What is your refund policy?

We offer a hassle-free 30-day money back guarantee for any reason. Annual subscribers can receive a refund of the remaining months with no questions asked.

Does the Subscription plan auto-renew?

By default, your subscription plan is automatically set to renew every month for the Monthly plan and every year for the Annual plan. You can enable or disable the auto-renew feature on the Account page anytime.

Do my videos expire?

Videos only expire on Basic, after a year. Videos made on an active subscription will never expire.

I can’t afford to pay right now. Can we work something out?

Certainly. Write to us and we’ll be happy to work out a complimentary plan.

Why are Basic (free) plan videos only 5 minutes?

We incur storage costs on videos stored on Since we are a self-funded company and depend on revenue, we can offer only 5-minute videos for free.

How long can videos be on the Subscription (paid) plan?

We don't have an explicit time limit for videos on the Subscription plan. But, recording a video consumes storage, RAM and internet bandwidth on your computer, so the longer a recording, it could test the limits of your computer. That said, users have made videos up to 3hrs long using Klip.

What is video webpage customization on the Subscription (paid) plan?

Video webpage customization provides a way to modify the video webpage your viewers will see. It lets you do three things: 1. Use your company logo instead of the Klip logo. 2. Disable the Klip signup button 3. Disable comments for all videos.

What is Basic vs. Full Video Editing Features?

Basic Video Editing on the Basic (free) plan lets you use a limited number of editing tools, with limits on what you can do in each tool. Full Video Editing on the Subscription (paid) plan has no such limits. For e.g. the Trim video editing tool on Basic is limited to 4 parts, while Full has no limit on the number of parts.

What does the watermark on Basic (free) plan videos look like?

The Klip brand watermark appears on the bottom right of a video as shown below.

I need some information on Klip but not sure where to look?

Please reach out to us and we will be happy to help.

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